Stand out dish in our restaurant: our famous pan-fried prawns, flavoured with our delicious artisan-prepared garlic sauce which is the key reason for our establishment's reputation.

We serve you a large dish of prawns which each guest can help themselves from as often as they like. If you are still hungry, just let us know and we'll bring you another one!

As side dishes, we serve garnished salads as well as french fries with a range of sauces (or rice if ordered in advance).

And all for the unbeatable price of 39 CHF per person!

With the napkins that we provide, no worries, your clothes will be safe from spills throughout the meal.

You can also opt for individual portions of prawns to take away for 30 CHF.

Not a fan of prawns? You can always fall back on our rib-eye steak! Tasty pieces of beef (250g) with french fries (or rice if ordered in advance).

We offer the same dishes for children.

And to round off your meal on a sweet note, we serve a passion fruit mousse as dessert.

Finally, we offer a traditional drinks menu made up of classic beverages.